[World] 0x1c07 - Spawn Multiple Players

This packet will spawn multiple players (Entities maybe?) onto the users screen.

BYTE Player Count
:FOREACH PlayerCount
  WORD Entity ID
  CHAR[0x10] Player Name
  DWORD Player Y
  DWORD Player X
  BYTE Rotation (Degrees / 2)
  BYTE State (0x01 = Normal / 0x03 = Dead / 0x04 = Resting / 0x05 = Shop / 0x06 = Mount
  BYTE Is Visible
  BYTE Gender << 7 | Profession << 2 | Unknown (2 bits, usually 01)
  BYTE Hair Style
  BYTE Hair Colour
  BYTE Face Style
  WORD Helmet
  WORD Weapon
  WORD Body
  WORD Shield
  WORD Pants
  WORD Boots
  BYTE[0x1C] More Items (Unsure on order)
  BYTE Weapon Refine << 4 | Shield Refine
  WORD Unknown
  BYTE Unknown
  WORD Unknown (0xffff);
  BYTE Current Emote
  WORD Unknown (0xffff)
  BYTE Title ID
  BYTE Title Level
  WORD Monster ID for a Weapon Title, if it is a weapon title, title id = 10
  BYTE[0x28] Buff Bit Array
  DWORD Guild ID
  WORD Unknown
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