[Char] 0x9415 - Master - Register Apprentice

This packet registers an apprentice in the clients Monarch tab.
This packet is sent to the new master.

WORD Code (0x1740)
CHAR[0x10] Target
BYTE (Year - 1920 << 1) | IsOnline
BYTE (Month << 4) | 0x0F
BYTE Unknown
BYTE Level
BYTE Unknown
Code Message
0x1740 ${Target} has been registered as your apprentice.
0x1741 User is already logged on.
0x1742 You've exceed the maximum capacity of members.
0x1743 An error has occurred while registering a Monarch relation.
0x1744 An error has occurred while deleting a Monarch relation.
0x1745 An error has occurred while deleting a Monarch character.
0x1746 Unable to retrieve the master list.
0x1747 Unable to retrieve the apprentice list.
0x1748 Apprenticeship request has been denied.
0x1749 You've already registered a master.
0x174B Master cannot be found.
0x174C You do not meet the level requirements for apprenticeship.
0x174D The master is unable to accept additional apprentices.
0x174E You're already registered as an apprentice.
0x1750 24 hours must pass before a master can receive a new apprentice.
0x1758 Master's User ID cannot be found.
0x1760 Apprentice's User ID cannot be found.
0x1768 You've recieved a reward from your Monarch.
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