[Char] 0x5402 - Friend List - Add Friend

This packet tells the client to add a character to their friend list.

CHAR[0x10] CharName
CHAR[0x10] TargetName
WORD Status

Status Message
0x0941 (No output, but is what is sent on success)
0x0942 You cannot add yourself to your Buddy List.
0x0943 Cannot register anymore friend.
0x0945 ${Target} is already registered in the friends list.
0x0946 Cannot find ${Target}
0x0947 ${Target} cannot register anymore friend.
0x0948 (See 0x0945)
0x0949 DB Error
0x094C Already have a friend request.
0x094D Already have a friend request from another user.
0x094E Target user is not the friend request target.
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