Compiling & Running

This is a note to anyone who is NOT a developer who thinks they can run this server: you can't. This server is in the VERY early stages of development, and as such, it isn't designed for everyday use, or use by normal users. If you can't figure our a missing .h error by yourself, then don't bother with this server for now.


Required Program

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express - Recommended, though the SHN Editor won't compile.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional - You will be able to compile all parts of the project.

Required Libraries

libcurl - libcurl 7.18.0 (NoSSL)
zlib1.dll -
boost - BoostPro 1.35.0 Installer
mysql - 6.0.2 Without Installer

Requirement Install Instructions

  1. First off, install MSVC, if you can't manage this step on your own, go away.
  2. From the libcurl zip
    • extract libcurl.* to $(VCInstallDir)\lib
    • extract include\curl\ to $(VCInstallDir)\include
    • extract libcurl.dll to your Fiesta client directory (This is used for the proxy)
  3. Extract zlib1.dll to your Fiesta client directory (This is used for the proxy)
  4. Use these settings in the BoostPro installer
    • Compilers: None
    • Variants: None
    • Components to install:
      • Boost Header Files
      • Boost DateTime -> VC9.0 (All)
      • Boost Thread -> VC9.0 (All)
  5. From mysql zip
    • extract bin\* to $(VCInstallDir)\bin
    • extract include\* to $(VCInstallDir)\include
    • extract lib\* to $(VCInstallDir)\lib
  6. Open MSVC and open the Options Menu. Select "Projects and Solutions" -> "VC++ Directories"
    • Replace "$(BoostInstallDir)" with your Boost install directory in the next steps.
    • Select "Include Files" from the top dropdown. Press "Ctrl+Insert" and enter $(BoostInstallDir)
    • Select "Reference Files" from the top dropdown. Press "Ctrl+Insert" and enter $(BoostInstallDir)\lib
    • Select "Library Files" from the top dropdown. Press "Ctrl+Insert" and enter $(BoostInstallDir)\lib

Server Setup

Once you have compiled the server, you need to change a few files to make it run. First of all, you need to setup a database for your server by installing MySQL, setting up a database and user, and importing TitanFiesta/database/TitanFiesta.SQL. This will create the base database for your server, you'll need to enter an account manually, the only required fields are username and password. 'password' is the md5 hash of the users password.
Now that you have the database setup, edit the three .ini files to contain the proper database information.
The server depends on two client files, copy ItemInfo.shn and MapInfo.shn from Fiesta/ressystem/ to the debug folder.
At this point, your server should start and run.

Client Starting

We only support the USA client, there was some code put in to try out the Eur client, but it doesn't offer anything over the USA client except in-game login, and no XTrap. This code will be taken out within the next few revisions, so that client is no longer supported. You will need the client from OutSpark, not from Gamigo.
To connect to your server, create a "LocalConnect.bat" file and put these contents in it.

Fiesta.bin -osk_server -osk_token [md5hash][username] -osk_store

There [md5hash] is your accounts password hash, and [username] is your accounts username.
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