Welcome to the Titan Fiesta Wiki

Project is stalled again. No clue when I'll get around to working on it again.

If you feel up to the challenge, feel free to take the code and start your own branch. That's the joy of open source, anyone can branch and make their own version of the server.

Titan Fiesta is the first (And so far only) Fiesta Online Private Server project. So far we have created the 3 needed servers to get in-game and start deciphering what all the packets do. We post to SVN often, though most of the revisions are just for testing, and not anywhere near playable yet.

The Google Code project page can be found at http://code.google.com/p/titanfiesta/

Instructions for compiling the server, and connecting with the OUTSPARK CLIENT can be found here: Compile Instructions

What will be posted?

  • Packet structures
  • File formats
  • Encryptions
  • Equations for game mechanics
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